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Therapeutic Services

  • Group Therapy

  • Workshops

  • Caregiver Relief Groups

  • Enrichment

  • Individual Therapy

  • In-home Therapy

Facilities and Community Centers, please call to schedule a time for an art therapist to come run a free 50-minute group in your program so you can see, firsthand, what your participants can get out of art therapy. Click to schedule your group.

Age groups I serve:

  • Adults

  • Seniors

  • Caregivers

  • Intergenerational

  • Families


Life presents different challenges in different stages of life. I address different goals, concerns, and issues in tailored workshops that focus on these varied needs. 

Benefits of Group Therapy:


Shared art making experiences connect individuals and can help form a sense of community, trust, engage in stimulating activity, and decrease isolation and the feelings that come with prolonged isolation such as depression, low self-esteem, and/or helplessness. 




  • Dementia and Alzheimer's: Memory Care

  • Developmental Disabilities

  • Life Transitions

  • Depression

  • Grief and Loss

  • End of Life Issues

  • Cancer 

Groups are facilitated with care to develop a safe space, physically and emotionally, where you and your art making process are free from judgement. 

In-home or On-site Therapy


There are many reasons it may be preferrable to have in-home therapy; from mobility issues to simply being in a space that is familiar and comfortable. If you are interested in having me come to your home, please contact me and we can explore our options and what works best for you. 

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