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Samples of artwork, processes, and techniques

Art Without Expectation
Using no-fail art processes, individuals and groups are able to explore carefree ways of tapping into creativity. This can include a wide range of materials to explore different ways to create without self-judgment or criticism. 
Life is about the journey and so is art making! 
Self-Care Boxes

Using traditional as well as found and recycled materials, creating self-care boxes provides the opportunity for individuals to identify and discover what makes him/her feel calm and using problem-solving skills to find ways to incorporate them into his/her box.


These can be completely private or something the creater keeps completely to his/her self. 

This self-care box contains photos of loved ones and happy memories, a bell for grounding, worry dolls to release anxieties, and a sponge for tears.
Fabric Mandala Collage


This is currently one of my favorite projects! Using traditional collage techniques, substitute the paper for fabric and you've got a whole new project. Like traditional collage, it offers a freedom to explore different colors and shapes and how they fit together; however, fabric offers more dimension than typical paper (don't get me wrong, there are some seriously textured papers out there). Fabrics have tactile variety, some are stretchy, some of rough, some soft, and even furry!


Using fabrics that have a personal connection (pieces of old clothing, for example) can deepen the meaning in the making of your piece. They can tell a story or simply be a collection of colors and textures that you enjoy. You can add whatever you'd like: buttons, gems, sequins, etc.


This project offers a wide range of motor-skill practice, hand-eye coordination, and personal choice. No experience with sewing is necessary. This can be a great opportunity to learn a few new sewing techniques or utilize fabric glues and other ways of collaging your fabrics.


Use your hands, fingers, feet and toes to make marks. No brushes, just you and the paint. This group gently loosens tight joints, engages balance, and connects us with our surroundings as the floor and lower walls are covered in paper. Participating in this group can evoke a seemingly unsolicated surge of energy.


This group is recommended as a small group of people who are already acquainted, for example living or working together. This can be an great bonding experience as people laugh and make art together. Participants are able to take sections of the paper home as tokens of positive memory.


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