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Caregivers, Educators, Organizations

Caregivers are among some of the hardest working individuals out there. There are many kinds of caregivers, including but not limited to:

  • Family Caregivers

  • Professional Caregivers

  • Educators

  • Health Care Providers

  • Mental Health Care Providers

  • Organization staff


Caregivers Relief Group


In coordination with other facility and community resources, caregivers can be relieved in order to engage in a workshop that is rejuvenating, relaxing, and offers caregivers the opportunity to engage in self-care and receive validation from one-another. I can work with you and/or your organization to provide creative caregiver relief including:

  • Individual Therapy

  • Caregiver Support Groups

  • Art Therapy Workshops

  • Pop-up/Drop-in Art studio spaces

These groups can address a variety of topics from compassion-fatigue prevention to strengths-based positive rejuventation

For more information, or to get connect, please contact me. I want to work with you and/or your organization to provide the optimally beneficial care to meet your specific needs.


Workshops for Staff


Teamwork and communication are key when working together. Workshops specifically for staff members may be a chance for the staff members to be introduced to art therapy and what it offers for their clients, as well as an opportunity to develop an inclusive group identity.

Created by a participant in "Leaves of Change" 


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